Contemporary dance training 2018

Somatic approach and Floorwork training for professional and pre-professional dancers in collaboration with Entre-Pont (Nice, France). Price: 75€/trimester, 10€/class, 8€/reduced price

September - December 2018 every Wednesday at 19h-20h30 by company dancer Johanna Henritius 

The warm-up is designed to increase the dancer’s somatic awareness by introducing dynamic moving meditations inspired by Yoga and other Energetic movement practices. The class involves technical sequences in an out of the floor, focusing on stamina and spiral movement of the spine. Learn more on Facebook


Flashback - SUMMER DANCE CAMP Nizza 

In June 2017 we organized a 4-day intensive for professional and pre-professional dancers in Nice France. The workshops included Contemporary dance, Ballet and Composition. The classes were taught by teachers Lucas Threefoot, Margarita Nagel, Johanna Henritius.

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