Margarita Nagel started her dance company Compagnie M./ N. in 2013, after having danced with many contemporary choreographers in Europe. Born in Germany, she attended the prestigious Folkwang University in Essen, founded by choreographer Kurt Joos and later led by Pina Bausch. In Nice, she met dancer Johanna Henritius, who joined her company in 2014, where the company gained a permanent residency at the Black Box theater. Together they create and produce the contemporary dance pieces Values ​​(2014), Eija (2014), Values ​​at Least (2015) and WIP (2016). In 2017, dancer Emma Terno joins the company and they decide to change it's name to Celaine Company. The same year, Celaine Co. organized their first summer dance camp, SUMMER DANCE CAMP NIZZA, for professional dancers in Nice. Later that year it represented two new creations:  InlineAnalysis (2017) and Ein Tag zu Zweit (2017) as well as the dance film AM.

Artistic statement

Based in Nice, the company wishes to contribute to the cultural life of the region and to further advance an alternative discourse of contemporary dance. We create cultural activities, workshops, professional training, dance films and dance performances. In our artistic work, we wish to explore the different themes and emotions people go through in life. We find it important to reach people, to touch them deeply and to open their minds to the problems of our society. Therefore, our goal is to create dynamic and emotionally charged choreographies. We try to extend our creativity through a multidisciplinary creation and collaborate with actors, musicians and filmmakers to realize our projects.



Margarita Nagel 

Margarita has studied dance and choreography at Folkwang universität der künste in Germany. In 2013, she founded her own dance company. She has worked internationally in Spain, Lithuania, Poland, Switzerland and France. She has also studied German literature, dance pedagogy and body therapies such as Yoga, Autogene and Alexanders Technique. 


Johanna Henritius

Johanna has studied at the Royal Swedish Ballet School and Salzburg Experimental Academy of Dance (SEAD) in Austria. She has work and created artistic projects in Finland, Sweden, Germany and France. Originally from Finland, she is currently a PhD candidate and teacher at the University of Côte d'Azur. Her studies include dance pedagogy, somatic practices and movement analysis.


Emma Terno

Dancer and performer, Emma has studied visual arts at the ECAL Lausanne and HKB Berne in Switzerland. Today she lives and works between Monaco and Nice, joining Celaine Company in 2017. In her projects, the question of everyday life and the limits of the physical body is paramount.


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