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Short film AM 

This year choreographer Margarita Nagel produced her first dance film AM Dance is energy. Together with dancer Lucas Threefoot they share a story about the weight of lost love. This short film was created to showcase the therapeutic work of Margarita and her vision about dance and the existence of different energies and energetic bodies. According to Margarita, these energies can travel from one life to another, from one relationship to another, as invisible energy. This film wants to shed light to the meaning of these energies by using image and visual effects. 



Work in progress - Astray 

During spring 2018, Johanna and Emma have continued to deepen their research on new choreographic material with dancer Claire Camous. Following a 2-month residency at L'Entre-Pont, they continue to develop this new contemporary dance piece under the working title « Astray ». The aim of the projet is to explore the body and the altered states of consciousness on stage. Furthermore, « Astray » talks about our society and questions the existence of the subtle bonds between the spirit and the body, life and death, the conscious and the unconscious. 


ImPulsTanz 2018

In July, Johanna will be participating at the ImPulsTanz festival in Vienna. We are happy to announce that she will be a co-speaker during the 6th IDOCDE Symposium of Contemporary Dance Education where she will be exposing her research on the meeting point of dance and spirituality.

ImPulsTanz provides each year, next to the practical exchange and development programmes, also the possibility for theoretical exchange in diverse symposia.

6th IDOCDE Symposium – Summer 2018
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Fri–Sun, 27–29 July, 2018


Since 2017, Celaine Co. is a collaboration between artists/dancers Margarita Nagel (GER), Johanna Henritius (FIN) and Emma Terno (FR). We create contemporary dance performances, visual art and opportunities for professional dance training.

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