Spiders Web

A new project! 

Contemporary dance against racism, a project of Margarita Nagel. The post-production process has begun and the trailer will be out soon!  

Premiere A S T R A Y

March 12th 2019   

This is an ongoing project / creation and research that was presented during the festival Femmes en Scenes in Nice in march 2019!


Professional training 

Wednesdays 19h00-20h30 

From September  2018 - April 2019 at l'Entre-Pont Nice. We invite you to join us in our exploration of floor work and improvisation techniques with a somatic approach !



Dance film "AM"

A dance film of Margarita Nagel

Sometimes we have the feeling that there is something around us, what we can’t see but only feel.Invisible energy. This is what this film is about, as it shows the reincarnation and retrieval of couples and love over centuries and centuries. We created a new way of communicating energy by mixing dance with acting and film art.


Since 2017, Celaine Co. is a collaboration between artists/dancers Margarita Nagel (GER), Johanna Henritius (FIN) and Emma Terno (FR). Based in Nice France, we create contemporary dance performances, visual art and opportunities for professional dance training.

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