Dance film "AM"

AM - Dance is energy is story about the weight of lost love. This short film was created to showcase the therapeutic work of Margarita and her vision about dance and the existence of different energies and energetic bodies. It wants to shed light to the meaning of these energies by using image and visual effects.

A work in progress - "Astray"

Johanna and Emma collaborate  with dancer and artist Claire Camous in this new project which explores the notion of air and breath.  Furthermore, « Astray »  questions the subtle bonds between the spirit and the body, life and death, the conscious and the subconscious. 

Professional training 

September - December 2018

Professional training every Wednesday 19h00-20h30 at l'Entre-Pont Nice. We invite you to join us in our exploration of floor work and improvisation techniques with a somatic approach 

Since 2017, Celaine Co. is a collaboration between artists/dancers Margarita Nagel (GER), Johanna Henritius (FIN) and Emma Terno (FR). We create contemporary dance performances, visual art and opportunities for professional dance training.

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